About Us

At Cottage Canoe we are obsessed with freshness and flavor. Our goal is to prepare tasty and wholesome meals on premise, using the freshest and highest quality ingredients in our personalized receipes. We take pride in the compliments we get from our regular guests who say they can taste our soups are made from scratch daily.

Our partnerships with our suppliers are not solely based on price. We pay for better quality meats and products that are scrutinized to meet our high standards. We are fussy about the brands we use and stay committed to.

As a company, we aim to hire people that share the same philosopy and set high standards for the final product they send to the table. Being a small business means the hands-on owner/operator is always present to pay attention to the small details that make the big difference in this people's industry. We are proud to call most of our regular guests who we know by name to be our friends first and patrons second.

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